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Choose from 2 Different Options for Casters and Tires!

1. Molded on Rubber Casters and Wheels. "Our Most Popular Style". Easily rolls over most surfaces.

2. Air Casters and Wheels. Designed for the roughest of surfaces outdoors and over uneven factory floors.

Long Solid Metal Cart with Air Tires - Includes locking top!

Despite the large size and capacity, these carts are surprisingly easy to push and maneuver in the office, mailroom, mail center and warehouse. Built strong for heavy loads this cart is perfect for wheeling over uneven tile floors or other rough surfaces. Features hinged locking top and 10" rear and 8" front swivel tires. Top file bin easily holds 200 legal-size file folders (file folders sold separately) to cut your delivery time in half.

â-_   Top file box is 18 gauge steel with extra bends for rigidity.
â-_   File rails are wrapped with stainless steel for the smoothest operation for sliding file folders open. â-_   Triple welded for extra strength.
â-_   Includes two removable lower parcel baskets.
â-_   Includes hinged locking top with two keys.
â-_   Strong tubular steel frame.
â-_   Chrome front and rear handles are 18 gauge steel - nickel chrome plated, durable and corrosion