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This back-to-back design with an open riser created for a government mail center that processed very large volumes of literature and mail. Totes are used instead of individual bins for sorting. An employee can retrieved the mail and literature from the dock and delivered it to the appropriate sorter. A different worker called a station courier, sorted the mail by agency, moved the bins when full, and stacked them on an outgoing mail cart for delivery. The back-to-back design was developed to ease this operation and to conserve workroom floor space. Totes are the same size as USPS flat totes. 4 tubs supported by lower cross bar and shelf lip. This unit features a open back riser to allow extra desktop space and improve worker productivity. Overall dimensions measure 68"W x 60"D x 67"H. 10 tub identifiers included. Also available in Back-to-Back System/Open Back Riser.


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