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Sturdy Parcel Lockers are compatible and can be arranged in any order, depending on your needs, with lobby tables, 24" Rack Ladder Systems, and Rotary Enclosure Systems. The parcel locker key is placed in the recipient's mailbox when a parcel is delivered. When the locker is opened, the lock captures the key until it is released by the master key.

Postal Arrow lock must be installed in the top lock space, and bottom lock is a tenant lock. For private use, a Master Commercial Lock must be utilized. Double Rear Door sold separately. Offering a convenient way to deliver parcels!

  • USPS Approved for delivery
  • Closed back
  • Two compartments
  • Silver door with black trim
  • Captive key mechanism
  • Body is made from fabricated 22-gauge steel
  • Doors are 16-gauge powder coated cold-rolled steel
  • Dimensions: 22½"W x 15½"D x 11 3/4"H


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