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Product #: N1029413
Price: $2,872.01

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The high-quality 4C Standard Mailboxes are constructed of heavy gauge aluminum with stainless steel components for maximum durability both indoors and out with a shelter. This 26-door mailbox unit features a corrosion-resistant, weatherproof powdercoat finish that protects the unit from the elements. The riveted shelves and concealed hinges limit pry points for added security, while the Mail Carrier Access Door provides easy access for Postal Letter Carriers to release the master loading doors.

  • Units feature the new USPS-1172 910A lock
  • Each tenant door includes 3 keys
  • Unit include a weather protected receptacle for outgoing mail
  • Per the USPS, 4C Standard Mailboxes are mandatory on all new construction and major renovation projects as of October, 2006
  • 30-5/16" RO Width, 31-9/16" Actual Width; 50-5/16" RO Height; 17" RO Depth
  • Silver powder coat finish
  • ADA Compliance

Product Number:   N1029413
ADA Compliant:   No
RO Width:   30 1/2
RO Height:   50 1/2
RO Depth:   16 3/4
Actual Width:   31 1/2
Actual Height:   51 1/4
Lockable:   Yes
Key:   Yes
Assembly Required:   Yes
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Maintenance Manual - Not available at this time.
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