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CBU mailbox w/8 doors + 4 parcel lockers - pedestal included!

The Type V CBU Mailbox with Pedestal is the perfect solution for your centralized mail delivery needs. As the original manufacturer of the original F series CBU, our 1570 Cluster box design has been adopted by the USPS as the design standard for all CBU's manufactured in the US. We are proud to offer you the same security and reliability we are honored to supply to the US Postal Service as their sole supplier of CBU's. Type V CBU mailbox and pedestal (included in each mailbox purchase) provides a secure, free standing outdoor installation for your centralized mail delivery needs.

Product Details:

  • Pedestal included! All aluminum construction pedestal included with all 1570 CBU mailboxes.
  • Superior strength, corrosion resistance, and exceptional durability for indoor AND outdoor installations.
  • USPS Approved CBU for centralized mail delivery - ideal for all residential and commercial developments
  • 1570 Florence CBU is an officially licensed product of the United States Postal Service.

USPS Approval: USPS Approved Cluster Box Units

Officially Licensed? Yes

Finish or Material:
Heavy duty aluminum and stainless steel construction with an attractive powder coat finish.

Loading and Mounting
Front loading, pedestal mounted CBU mailbox includes a carrier access door prepared for a USPS arrow lock (installed by local postal officials) for delivery/service to mailbox.

Tenant Doors:
Tenant doors include heavy duty, dustproof cam locks each with 3 keys.

Parcel Lockers:
Includes Parcel locker door(s) - a means of USPS package delivery. Dual, captive locking system allows USPS to deliver a package to the locker leaving the key in the tenant's mailbox. Package is retrieved by the tenant and key is retained securely in the lock for the Postal Service to retrieve and reuse for the next package delivery.

Outgoing Mail
Outgoing mail compartment with slot, anti-fish comb for security, and protective hood is located above USPS access door for convenient outgoing mail collection.

Door Identification:
Attractive silver placards with black numbers 1 thru 8, 1P, 2P, 3P, 4P are included for door identification.

Technical Information

Door Width12-5/8"

Total Tenant Doors8
Tenant Door Height 3"

Total Small Parcel Lockers: 4


Installed Height Installed unit (on pedestal) height is 62"

Installed Width Installed init width is 30-1/2"

Installed Depth Installed unit depth is 17-7/8"

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