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Our Company has designed a wire lattice office organization system with many shelves and tray options. This system is perfect for personalizing office cubes, creating computer workstations, keeping information and supplies handy in a fax area or ideal for any mail center

Make best use of limited space and for a personalized office or work area the grid system can stand-alone, hook onto any office partition or bolt to any solid structure. In the office environment these neutral grey see-through wire systems lend and enhance the working environment by maximizing air circulation and minimizing dust accumulation. In a full service Mail Center the see-through design provides better ventilation, enhances inadequate lighting and there is no hiding places for mail or personnel. Advantages of the Wire-PlaceT collection in any application is the ability to personalize and change by simply rearranging components.

Many sizes and configurations available: straight line, "L" shape or "U" shape, to fit almost any space. All shelves, trays and components adjust in 1" increments for the utmost flexibility. Easy assembly.

  • Each wire place part is robotically welded and inspected for consistent parts and strength.
  • Each part is electro statically painted for complete paint coverage in light neutral epoxy enamel paint for a long wearing finish and chip resistant parts.


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