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Wood and Acrylic Magazine/Pamplet Combination Rotating Rack

Wood and acrylic front oak literature displays enhance any office, mail room, mail center or warehouse. Made of solid oak sides, oak veneer backs and clear acrylic front panels for easy viewing. Wide pockets hold magazines or narrow pockets hold pamphlets and brochures for quick and easy access. Pockets rotate allowing you quick access where space is limited.

Use as 8 pocket magazine rack or as a 16 pocket pamphlet /brochure rack or create a combination by using the removable pocket dividers.

  • 8 pocket Magazine rack with 8 removable pamphlet/brochure dividers allowing you to create pockets large or small.
  • Available in Oak or Dark Red Mahogany.
  • Constructed of 3/4" solid wood sides, oak veneer back and clear acrylic front panels.
  • Includes 8 removable plastic brochure dividers.
  • Includes rotating carousel.
  • Durable clear coat finish.


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