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Personal Privacy Lockers

Guardian Lockers are perfect for schools, offices, restaurants, and anywhere employees need to store personal items or supplies. The Guardian Lockers are an attractive, space saving, economical way to add secure storage space to your work place.

With tough 22-gauge steel cabinet and thick polycarbonate doors, the Personal Privacy Lockers can conveniently be placed on any flat surface, floor mounted (with 6" base), or mounted flush to the wall to save extra space.

Door sizes available:

  • "A" size: 3 3/4"W x 6¼"H
  • "B" size: 5½"W x 6¼"H
  • "C" size: 11"W x 6¼"H
  • "D" size: 11"W x 12"H

Door Colors: Black (In Stock), Gold, Bronze, Silver

Cabinet Colors: Black (Standard), Tan, Grey, White, Blue

Custom colors, including translucent, available with minimum order. Please call Customer Service at 1-800-229-4500 for details.

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  1. Base for Sensitive Item Security Locker N1023319
  2. Window for Guardian Mailboxes
  3. 4-Dial Combination Lock
  4. Combination Lock for Guardian Series
  5. Plastic Label Cover for Mailbox
  6. 4 Tier Guardian Personal Privacy Locker
    As low as $800.00
  7. 8 Tier Guardian Personal Privacy Lockers
    As low as $750.00
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7 Items

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