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In the 1800's, gas lights were manufactured from cast iron, with beautiful and detailed base patterns and fluted posts. We put the same care and features found in those gas lights into the design of our 1812 Series Mailbox Systems. The 1812 Mailbox has a number of mounting options and features to accompany its good looks and verstility, such as:

  • Approval by the Postmaster General - always important to insure timely delivery
  • Single body construction - there will never be a leak
  • Impact resistant - not 100% vandalproof, but will take the impact from a bat
  • The mailbox is color safe - UV inhibitors keep the box from fading, scratches need not be painted
As for the other components, they also have great features. Our post is manufactured from the same material and in the same manner as the 1812 Mailbox, so you can expect the same quality. It also has a direct burial system built right into the base for easy installation. The Sunday Paper size tube and the rest of the bracketing, scrolls and address plates are all powder coated to increase their life and our hardware is manufactured in black stainless. The 1812 Series is by far the most maintenance free and versatile system available. The longevity and ease of installation makes it the best choice for a design professional.

Approved For U.S. Postal Service Delivery

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