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  • Description

This Universal Adapter vacuum attachment is ideal for vacuum sweeping large areas in the postal workroom. The specialized attachment works well around distribution cases, carrier cases, and mail processing equipment in any postal facility. The ergonomically designed dual swivel head and lightweight aluminum construction help reduce fatigue and stress while allowing you to get at unreachable spots.

The sweeping bristles on the the head of the vacuum allow easy pickup of debris and movement over the floor. By using three foam padded handles, you can use either the right-handed or left-handed position. It attaches to any 1¼" hose and can attach to a 1½" hose with a conversion kit. We recommend you order the universal adapter to connect the danish mop to either a 1¼" or 1½" hose.

  • 5¼" long
  • Non-conductive
  • Not static dissipating
  • Friction fit
  • USPS approved


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