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The Swing Clear Mailbox Posts is designed using a boom system and is constructed entirely galvanized steel. The unique energy absorbing 40" system swings the mailbox and post arm out of the way when impacted by a vehicle, snowplow, or any solid object force - taking the impact pressure off the mailbox itself. After the impact, the mailbox returns to its original position with no damage. An ideal rural mailbox feature, these durable mailbox posts support residential and rural mailboxes in a fashionable, safe, and simple way. A Swing Clear Mailbox Post is simple to install and will give decades of virtually trouble free service. Swing Clear is a mailbox post system that is easy to use for both the homeowner and postal carrier.

  • 40" in total length
  • Post is height adjustable even after installation with wrench
  • Ideal height for mail delivery os 42"
  • Uniquely popular dseign
  • Used by the USPS
  • Made in the USA
  • Includes a 20 year replacement warranty


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