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Product #: N1033997
Price: $410.00

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This high quality 4C mailbox has 4 tenant compartments plus an outgoing mail compartment. You can rest assured that all your mail will remain safe, as each door is secured with a new USPS-1172 910A lock (plus three keys per lock). This durable unit is sure to last for many years, as it is constructed from heavy gauge aluminum with a corrosion resistant finish. With a finish designed to resist weather and prevent scratching, you get a mailbox that can be used both indoors and out (with kiosk or other application, pending local USPS approval). It meets USPS requirements for new construction and renovations. Invest in a high quality mailbox for your apartment, commercial building, and more! Please contact us for specific unit measurements.

Product Number:   N1033997
ADA Compliant:   Yes
RO Width:   16 1/4"
RO Height:   20 3/4"
RO Depth:   16 3/4"
Actual Width:   17 1/2"
Actual Height:   21 1/2"
Lockable:   Yes
Key:   3
USPS Approved:   Yes
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